The future is now

Welcome to the digital age where printed paper becomes “interactive”

One of our flagships is Lo Stampato Intelligente®: the contactless solution that allows smartphones to interact with printed matter, simply by touching the paper.
From today apps and QR codes are no longer needed: the platform uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to process statistics, convey multimedia content and open up new horizons.

Unique and universal technology

Benefits for customers

Much more than just a WOW effect.
Adding multimedia content to a printout enables keeping it up-to-date without reprinting and redistributing. It also creates greater customer engagement with audio, video or Augmented Reality content.
New features are enabled such as notifications when the printout is used or anti-counterfeit scenarios that allow creating certificates of authenticity. These building blocks enable projects that use technology and data to continuously measure and improve business outcomes.

Statistics and feedback

We provide the same statistics as online, with the opportunity of being notified about any usage of the single copy.

Content that can be modified over time

Multimedia content that can be specialized by single copy and can be edited at any time, without having to re-print or re-distribute the paper product.

New vehicle for multimedia content

We use a physical product to deliver multimedia content to the audience.

Opening new scenarios

Technology, printing capabilities and creativity enable us to constantly expand real use cases.

Lo Stampato Intelligente®

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